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What We Do

Strategic design of the company’s communication lines and governance in the interaction with the company departments: Human Resources, ICT, Finance, Commercial, Marketing, Administrative and Logistic. Assessment and control of cost centers in communication.

Development of models for Machine Learning and AI in a predictive and management efficiency key in the various governance objectives.


Our Approach

Every company is different. The personality changes according to the type of organization, the creativity involved and it is certainly not homologable for the product areas. It follows that entrepreneurship and communication approaches are always peculiar and subjective, which is why dedicated multidisciplinary teams are created.


Our Mission

Identify and build a personal communication strategy tailored to each individual company, evolving the corporate culture as an ecosystem for effective, constant and profitable development.

Designing corporate communication as the main tool to recognize and code the building blocks of the corporate ecosystem and the construction of identity. Follow the regulation of the most effective ways to relate and communicate with the entire public – internal and external – and therefore with the market as a whole, conveying the characteristic and unique vision of the company.


Our Vision


We are social animals and we exist in recognizing each other in the other’s gaze. If you don’t communicate, you don’t exist and if you don’t, it’s a waste of time, but also business.


About Our Teams Network

Working in a team is a necessary condition to achieve success. Working in synergy is one of the primary conditions for building a path of excellence. The grammar of communication is transversal, but the languages and business needs are peculiar and characteristic, as well as ethical and human sensitivity.
This is why it becomes essential to organize and choose the most suitable skills to create a team dedicated to the individual company, enhancing and selecting the most suitable soft skills; not only in business specializations but by contaminating the world of technology with that of the human sciences.
Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael were not only painters and sculptors, but also inventors, engineers and scientists, there were no boundaries between science and art. Today this approach is codified as STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics – combining the different skills and professionalism to effectively face and manage the opportunities for change, with a systematic and experimental attitude, also resorting to the imagination for new connections, ideas that are reflected in the business model..

Venture & Growth

Transforming a future project into a concrete and real process to be pursued as an adventurous journey is fundamental for the success of the company. Change is a constant of human nature, it is a path that must be continuously stimulated and accompanied also in the protection of correct risk management. Announcing the new company course in the most effective way with timely and consistent financial communication, applying the most up-to-date compliance, represents a further distinctive opportunity and enhancement of the renewed company assets.

Private Equity

Today, in a world where purely financial investments are almost zero income, finance is rediscovering the real economy by turning its attention to companies that produce goods and services. None excluded, from SMEs to start-ups. A particular attention to investments codified as ESG – environmental, social and governance – referring to the initiative launched by Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General in 1999, for a sustainable development that takes into account the shared values ​​and principles for a human face to the market in the areas of human rights, labor policies and environmental practices.


Corporate culture

The corporate culture, unique and distinctive for each company, represents the sum, interaction and sharing of the vision, values, mission and practices, of people, of how storytelling is and of the place, also embracing the territory. Having and communicating a strong and distinctive corporate culture can positively influence, as a differential impulse on company performance, with incremental values of 20/30%.
5 types of corporate culture can be outlined: group work oriented towards group work, elitist, capitalize on the talents that become co-partners, common horizontal in startups, create a collaborative approach “at a human pace” , the traditionalist defines the organizations that are, more or less consciously, at the beginning of a path to understand how to communicate better.

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